University of Pittsburgh Salk Pavilion nominated for MBA Awards 2016

Pittsburgh, PA – University of Pittsburgh Salk Pavilion nominated for MBA Awards 2016.

From the street

It has been a great opportunity for DRS Architects to serve as associate architect in the design and construction of this 80,000 SF research laboratory. Salk Pavilion serves the dental and pharmacy schools at Pitt. It is a significant addition to Salk Hall, a facility that DRS has worked on since the 1960s.

While DRS was fully engaged throughout the design process, we had the specific responsibilities for the LEED certification registration and for much of the construction administration. Through these phases, we have worked directly with Burchick Construction. Regarding LEED, Burchick assisted in the pursuit of credits by diverting all the asphalt and site concrete waste to a facility that processed it into fill material. Burchick also supported the LEED certification process through the use of regional construction materials and the careful management of construction waste. During construction, there was a code issue that affected the zinc flatlock wall panel assembly. Burchick used the mockup process to demonstrate a solution and collaborated on the related details that not only resolved the code issue, but also worked with the window sequence that helped to make up for lost time.

This was a complex project. We worked closely with Burchick to complete this exceptional project for the University of Pittsburgh. Congratulations to the entire team.

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