Lunch ‘n Learn with Steve Hackman

steve-hackmanIt was the most fascinating Lunch ‘n Learn we’ve had all year!  And it wasn’t about architectural design or construction.  Steve Hackman, who was recently named Creative Director of the Fuse Series for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) spent an hour sharing his musical vision:  a “mash-up”  which combines the Brahms First Symphony and some Radiohead’s OK Computer into a new work.  From the keyboard, Steve illustrated the tempo modifications and key changes he used to implement the merging of the two disparate musical genres into his new work.  We watched excepts from YouTube of a prior performance to grasp the musical effect of the combination.

Steve explained the symphonic form and its similarities with song form using the dissimilar musical terminology of each genre.  Our group was intrigued and engaged because Steve related the creative act of composition to the creative process of design.

Peter Greer, AIA, a senior architect at DRS Architects, is a board member of the PSO and was instrumental to bringing Steve Hackman not only to our offices, but to Pittsburgh and our world famous PSO orchestra.  On June 24, this young visionary will make his debut conducting his mash-up of these two masterpieces which were separated by 100 years of history, creating a never-before-heard “hybrid” sound.

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