Jack Jasneski builds a model for a client.

Pittsburgh, PA – DRS Architects: Jack Jasneski builds a model for a client.

Those who have served our nation in the military have a common bond, regardless of the branch of service. One of our own, Jack Jasneski, served in the US Army and rose to the rank of Sergeant and then served on the Battalion Commander’s staff. He has a passion for history and enjoys model ship building.

When he learned that his client, a VP and Construction Manager for a major Pittsburgh corporation, served on the U.S.S. Garcia, Jack decided to honor his comrade’s service by building him a model of his favorite ship. Jack’s attention to detail is one of the things that his client value and you can see why from the construction of this model.

The Garcia is the lead ship of her line. She was commissioned and served from 1964-1989. She was designed to fill a gamut of duties such as escort in combat groups, anti-submarine warfare and later modified and reclassified as a fast frigate, complete with a wide variety of armament. The model is 1/700 scale and totally modified by Jack to feature the helicopter and pad, radar equipment, ladders and railings and the exposed hull. The complete radar mast was built from scratch and the added equipment.

Beautiful work Jack..!