DRS Architects Volunteer to Help the Pennsylvania Conservancy

PITTSBURGH, July 2, 2015 – DRS Architects Volunteers to Help the Pennsylvania Conservancy Clean Up Some of the Weeds Around Gateway Center.

DRS Group PA Conservancy

This morning, I drove past the flower beds planted just off the city-side of the Fort Pitt Bridge with a greater sense of pride. Yesterday, a team of seven from DRS Architects worked for three hours to pull the weeds that, over time, crowd these annuals and hide their beauty. This morning, the flowers looked fresher, the beds appeared dark brown and the entire approach to the City of Pittsburgh was enhanced by our efforts. The beds our DRS Architects team worked on, at the Western approach to the city feature zinnias, marigolds and Rudbeckia—better known as black-eyed Susans.

The Conservancy can use more assistance through volunteer workers, especially for weeding. So just as DRS Architects did, give the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy a call today at 412-586-2324 or email the volunteer coordinator at lolzak@paconserve.org to help beautify our great City of Pittsburgh.

DRS Architects has been located in Gateway Center for more than 50 years. As regional architects and we have designed many parts of this gateway to the city, including service as the local architect on Gateway Four. The featured park between One, Two and Three Gateway Center covers the UPA (Underground Parking Area, the Gateway Café (redesigned by DRS Architects) and underground passages connecting the buildings). Back in the 1980s, our firm designed the new layouts for three-toned pavers that form the walkways and plazas between the buildings. In an effort to improve the heating and cooling systems, DRS Architects designed grey, granite pylons whose job it is to carry the exhaust vertically, out of the pedestrian zone
The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy was formed in 1932 and has conserved over 250,000 acres of land for the benefit of the public now and long into the future. Annually, the Conservancy develops and maintains about 130 Community Gardens in twenty PA counties. With minimal full-time staff, the Conservancy manages over 12,000 volunteers who assist not only in planting the beds at the beginning of the season, but weeding and maintaining the beds throughout the growing season.

Our Conservancy connection, Jonathan, met us at the planting beds, brought hand tools, new gloves, brown paper composting bags and water for all. He provided quick priorities for weeding and we spread out to tackle the weeds. Fortunately for us, the recent rains made the ground workable; the sun was shining and the temperatures were in the mid-seventies. It was perfect weather for gardening. Three hours of work multiplied by seven DRS volunteers amounts to 21 hours of work by a group who literally dug in to improve our working neighborhood. Some of our team chatted about work and personal lives; some weeded quietly. One young staffer said the work gave him a chance to get to know his new co-workers better.

We topped off our work by gathering in Market Square at Primanti’s to continue our conversations and share some beers. Such a beautiful evening had enticed people out and the entire square was alive with the sounds and sights of summer.

AJ Ron - Wyndham RDG - KAJ