CT Scanner Replacement at UPMC Passavant Emergency Department


McCandless Township – DRS Architects completes CT Scanner Replacement at UPMC Passavant Emergency Department.


ArchDes-Healthcare-CT SCAN-1-SMALL

DRS Architects recently completed a small renovation project at UPMC Passavant Hospital that replaced the 8 slice CT Scanner located in the Emergency Department with a 64 slice CT Scanner to improve the imaging capabilities. Though the scope of the construction project was small, the goals of the project were challenging. Included in the goals was the accommodation of a new piece of equipment with increased heat output and power requirements; improvement of the current noisy supply air system in the Control Room; upgrade of the finishes to meet current UPMC standards; development of a replacement schedule to keep the CT Scanner downtime to the absolute minimum 6 weeks; and adherence to the project budget allocated by UPMC. Each of these goals were met and the new 64 slice CT Scanner is up and running at Passavant Hospital. Construction began August 1, 2015 and was completed in mid September 2015.


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